“Magic Man” Robert Weems has been described as an enthusiastic, versatile, entity of entertainment.
(say that 5 times real fast! ha ha)

Whether he is performing for a group of 20 at a birthday party or an audience of 200 at a banquet, Magic Man’s talent transcends from the youngest child to the oldest senior citizen.

Here are a few entertainment video excerpts and comments. We hope you enjoy.

“Birthday parties in our family are a big deal. Usually, I work for weeks preparing entertainment for all the children and their friends. In my effort to try and find a “hassle-free” party’ I found The Magic Man. He not only came and set up everything he needed, he also was able to entertain about 25 five year olds for three hours.” – Lisa

“Scintillating, sensational and so, so much fun!! Thanks for making our party a whopping success.” – Tonya

“They had lots of fun and kept very still not wanting to miss anything. They were amazed at the tricks. My son really felt special when he was called on to “help” with the tricks. I was quite impressed by his ability to entertain children of that age and all the parents who are still talking about the party. I would recommend the “Magic Man” to anyone for a memorable and fun party. All ages would enjoy it, even adults.” – Rachel

“Magic Man’s” performance was not only entertaining but value oriented as well!” – Lee

“We would like to say thank you for your spectacular magic show that you performed for us. The residents enjoyed your show to the fullest extent. The children volunteers were so amazed with your tricks that they continued to discuss your antics for WEEKS after the performance!” – Robin



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