of magician & comedian, Rob Weems

Magic Man has presented his “Magic With a Message” program for me at a variety of youth camps and events over the past 10 years. Kids from 5 to 18 years old have enjoyed his interactive, entertaining, and educational programs.

The Magic Man combines issues such as bullying, leadership, and life skills in his “Magic With a Message” show. Adults are also amazed by Rob’s performance.  Audiences are always on the edge of their seats waiting for the next magic trick!

To sum it up, an audience full of kids and adults, an interactive magic show with a message combined with Rob’s magical personality makes for an event that is full of excitement and will be lifelong memory for all!” – Lamar Briggs @ CEO Briggs Specialty Services

“You were a very big hit and the highlight of the evening. Your close up magic tricks were very entertaining – and amazing! The kids were astounded and you made them very happy. In fact, you brought out the “kid” in all of us. The adults enjoyed your performance just as much as the kids did!” – Ray O.

The video below helped to inspire “Magic Man” to become an entertainer. Schoolhouse Rock is awesome!

“This letter is being written in reference to the Magician Rob Weems. As kindergarten teachers we hired Rob to perform for our kindergarten students as a culminating activity for learning the letter “M”. We found him to be very professional. He had a wonderful rapport with our young students and provided a program that was on their developmental level and held them spellbound just waiting to see what would happen next. We feel as educators that his program would be beneficial when used in any educational setting. We highly recommend him and are planning to ask him back each year as our final activity when teaching the letter “M”. – Connie H.

“Birthday parties in our family are a big deal. Usually, I work for weeks preparing entertainment for all the children and their friends. In my effort to try and find a “hassle-free” party’ I found The Magic Man. He not only came and set up everything he needed, he also was able to entertain about 25 five year olds for three hours.

They had lots of fun and kept very still not wanting to miss anything. They were amazed at the tricks. My son really felt special when he was called on to “help” with the tricks. I was quite impressed by his ability to entertain children of that age and all the parents who are still talking about the party. I would recommend The Magic Man to anyone for a memorable and fun party. All ages would enjoy it, even adults.” – Laura